There are many cybersecurity teams in Poland, but there is only one CERT Polska. And it guarantees substantive content of the SECURE.

Do you value hard work and facing challenges over posing on the wall full of logotypes? Do you want to meet people like you, share your job results, look for inspiration or partners to mutual projects? Now you know where you should be at the beginning of October (hint: SECURE 2020)

Who can apply?

This year SECURE will have 4 thematic tracks:

  • Hardcore
Technical track with expert and sophisticated presentations for advanced and super advanced.

Applications in this track will be reviewed by experts from CERT Polska.

  • Chaos manager (Management track)
Track for those who are responsible for security, take care of budgets, recruit ICT experts and manage teams.

  • Cyber for everyone (Main track)

Track for everyone who is interested in “cyber” in general and wants to expand their knowledge. Track with experts with a practical approach and ability to explain technical complexities in a clear and understandable manner.

Applications in this track will be reviewed by experts from CERT Polska and Strategic Analyses and Emerging Technologies Team (NASK).

  • Policy and regulations (Policy track)

Cybersecurity in strategic, legal and political terms. This track is devoted to challenges related to development of emerging technologies, disinformation, certification schemes, and artificial intelligence and its impact on citizens and states.

Applications in this track will be reviewed by Krzysztof Silicki (NASK) Director for Cybersecurity and Innovation, member of ENISA Management Board, and experts from Strategic Analyses and Emerging Technologies Team (NASK).

Where to send an application?

Send your application via:

Deadline: 24 July 2020 (24/07/2020). Your application should include:

- Name of the track
- Title of the presentation
- Short abstract of the presentation (approx. 300 words)
- Language of the presentation (Polish or English)
- Links to your previous presentations, recordings etc.

This year every speaker will be invited to write a short (1000-2000 words) article from their presentation. All articles will be published in conference proceedings.

For all SECURE 2020 speakers we prepared:

  • Travel (roundtrip economy fare) and accommodation (3 nights) in Warsaw will be arranged by us for a designated speaker,
  • Participation in a special networking dinner for speakers,
  • Possibility of publication in a post-conference journal,
  • Free participation in all SECURE 2020 tracks and a conference event, as usual organized on the first day.