Prelegenci SECURE 2018

  • Mariusz Baczyński


    Mariusz Baczyński leads Zscaler’s business in Eastern Europe. His mission is to support companies on their secure Digital Transformation journey to the Cloud by addressing critical issues such as reduction of traditional IT sprawl in the branch office and designing secure, modern communication solutions with predominant focus on the needs of mobile employees and applications in the Cloud. Prior to joining Zscaler, Mariusz spent 18 years at Cisco in a number of technical, consulting, sales and managerial positions covering UK, Poland, European Markets and Emerging Markets - for the last 4 years leading Cisco’s CyberSecurity business in Eastern Europe. Mariusz holds a Bachelor of Computer Science degree from University of Western Sydney, Australia and an MBA from Open University Business School in London, UK.

  • Kamil Basaj

    Cybersecurity Foundation

    Kamil Basaj is an “info ops” project manager at the Cybersecurity Foundation. In this capacity, he researches and monitors the online information environment and disinformation in Poland. He is also the founder and editor of Disinfo Digest, a project that researches disinformation in Poland and promotes counter-disinformation efforts on Twitter. In addition, he is a former consultant with the Polish Ministry of Defense, helping research and design projects on information and psychological warfare.

  • Sophie Batas


    Sophie Batas, Director for Cyber Security and Data Privacy, at Huawei’s Public Affairs and Communication Department (PACD), is responsible for all issues related to EU Policies on Cyber Security and Data Privacy. Prior to joining Huawei, Sophie worked on Innovation for EIT Digital, the Initiative from the European Commission to boost entrepreneurship in ICT in Europe, where she supported the management of EIT Digital Grant. Sophie has 15 years of experience in Public Affairs for the ICT Sector. She started her career in 2003 at Thales, the French Aerospace and Defence company, where she coordinated the communication of the Embedded Systems technology community towards the creation of the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking. In 2007, she joined the start-up team of EOS, the European Organisation for Security (EOS), where she managed the operations, the communication and led the work on Cyber Security for the Security and Defence Companies. At EOS, Sophie designed and managed key research projects with the ICT, Security and Defence Industry. Her work at EOS was at the origin of what is today ECSO, the European Cyber Security Organisation.

  • Piotr Bazydło


    He finished Warsaw University of Technology on the faculty of Electronics and Information Technology in 2016. His adventure with the cybersecurity started about 2 years ago at NASK as a researcher in the Network Security Methods Team. Today, he is a head of this team and is responsible for designing tools for the automation of specific network related analysis. Lately, he was mainly involved in the analysis of darknet network traffic and in botnet fingerprinting in this traffic. In his free time, he trains his hacking skills. Twitter: @chudyPB.

  • Michał Bentkowski


    Michał Bentkowski is a senior pentester working for and He has over 6 years of experience in IT security. He is also well-known for hunting bugs in Google's Vulnerability Reward Program where he currently occupies 5th place ( Michał is mostly interested in client-side security, focusing mostly on XSS-es and bugs in browsers.

  • Krzysztof Biniek

    Przewodniczący Komitetu Sterującego Narodowa Platforma Cyberbezpieczeństwa, NASK

    He has over 25 years' experience in IT in the following sectors: e-commerce (eCard), telecommunications (Netia, Orange, Elektrim), energy (Elektrim, RWE (innogy)), public (Police, PKP Informatyka, Center for Informatics Technology, NASK). For 18 years he has been gaining experience in managing organisations, projects and complex programmes on leadership positions (Management Board Member, Department Director, Team Manager, Programme Director/Project Manager) and managing human resources in large organisations. His domains are: IT security, management of complex programmes and business continuity ((RWE; Orange - Head of the Security Department; COI; NASK). He was member of Crisis Committees and Continuity Teams (NETIA, ELEKTRIM, RWE, COI). He had worked for Ernst & Young gaining experience in consulting in the field of IT strategic consulting.

  • Gabriel Cirlig


    Software developer turned rogue, went from developing apps for small businesses to 2M+ DAU Facebook games while keeping an eye for everything shiny and new. For about two years Gabriel has been tinkering at Ixia’s threat intelligence system as his full time passion while playing around with whatever random hardware comes into his hands. With a background in electronics engineering and various programming languages, Gabriel likes to dismantle and hopefully put back whatever he gets his hands on.

  • Omer Cohen


    As an experienced Incident Response investigator and team leader, Omer has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the areas of cyber security, security research, software development and system administration, as well as network architecture and design.

    Omer has delivered and implemented numerous projects involving cutting edge technologies for multiple security related applications in addition to providing accurate and appropriate information security consulting and incident response services to Fortune 500 companies and other leading organization. Omer currently manages Customer Success in EMEA and APAC at Demisto, the leading Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) solution provider.

  • Jean-Baptiste Demaison


    Jean-Baptiste Demaison is Chair of the Management Board and Executive Board of the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) since 18 October 2016 and Senior Advisor to the Strategy Director at ANSSI. Specialized in cybersecurity national, EU and international public policies, M. Demaison was, among others, responsible for France for the negotiation of the Network and Information System Security Directive (NIS Directive) and advised the French cyber diplomacy Ambassador of France during the last United Nations Groups of Governmental Experts. Since 2015, Mr. Demaison is, as well, lecturer within the Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA) at Sciences Po.

  • Fernando Diaz


    Fernando Diaz is currently a Software Engineer working for VirusTotal. Day to day tasks includes developing sandboxing technology for Windows an Android systems for dynamic analysis in distributed environments.

    Previously did an internship for VirusTotal to develop a dynamic analysis system for Android and Linux environments. Also, afterwards worked as a Security Engineer for the firm HIspasec, mainly with analysis of Windows, Android and IoT malware. Research includes new malware families and IoT malware.

  • Zoriana Dmytryshyna


    Zoriana Dmytryshyna is Director of Communications at the Anti-Phishing Working Group European Union Foundation (APWG.EU), promoting the popularization of cybersecurity in a number of dimensions, including development and promotion of rigorously crafted public awareness programs about cybercrimes’ threats. Her advocacy of the global STOP. THINK. CONNECT. cybersecurity awareness campaign now deployed in 20 nations. She has developed and advocated for a number cybersecurity communications instruments. Since 2016 Zoriana has been a co-chair of ECSO SWG 5.3. – Awareness. Prior to this she moderated projects for the European Funds. In addition, she developed and issued press releases, research reports and analyses for the US-Ukraine Foundation in Washington.D.C. She has also worked at the Embassy of Japan in Ukraine from 2008 to 2013. Zoriana is a MA in International Relations from Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals, a Japanese Government Scholarship Receiver (Tokyo Gakugei University), and holds an MA from Kiev National Linguistic University.

  • Abhijeth Dugginapeddi

    Abhijeth D(@abhijeth) is an AppSec dude and an Adjunct Lecturer in Australia. Security Enthusiast in the fields of Penetration Testing, Application/Mobile/Infrastructure Security. Believes in the need for more security awareness and responsible disclosures.

    Got lucky in finding few vulnerabilities with Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft, eBay, etc and one among Top 5 researchers on Synack a bug bounty platform. Got a chance to speak at Defcon, Blackhat, OWASP AppSec USA, c0c0n etc.

  • Wojciech Dziomdziora

    Kancelaria Domański Zakrzewski Palinka

    Wojciech is a legal counsel, specialist in new technologies, personal data protection, copyright law, media and telecommunications, as well as competition and consumer protection. He advises many leading companies in the media, IT, telecommunications and e-commerce sectors. He participates in IT system implementation projects as a legal advisor and participant in negotiations. He also deals with legal aspects of e-commerce sector, advising companies from various areas of activity. He served as the Director of Public Affairs and CSR at Orange Polska and managed key projects in the TP Group, and previously worked for ITI media group. He was the member of the National Broadcasting Council. In 2000-2005 he worked as the Director of the Legal Department at the Ministry of Culture. He is a plenipotary of the Board of the Polish Chamber of Technology and Telecommunication PIIT for data protection and data management.

  • Kamil Frankowicz

    CERT Polska - NASK

    Fan of fuzzing and new methods of causing program crashes. He defends the security of the Polish Internet working as a Security Engineer at CERT Polska, a team operating in the framework of NASK. His speciality is breaking - often unintentional. In his free time he flies a drone, takes photographs and irregularly describes his findings on a blog related to bughunting (

  • Christoph Giese

    Telekom AG

    Christoph Giese worked as a system engineer and developer before joining Deutsche Telekom AG's CERT/CDC almost four years ago. In addition to in-depth analysis of cyber incidents, his current field of work is technical cyber threat intelligence with a focus on quality assurance and automation. Beside the job he obtained a Master's degree in Digital Forensics and is a GCFA/GNFA professional.

  • Imri Goldberg


    An experienced technical entrepreneur, Imri has significant experience in development, architecture and security. Before joining Cymmetria as VP R&D, Imri was the founder & CTO of Desti, a travel startup that was acquired by Nokia-HERE in 2014. Today Imri serves as the CTO of Cymmetria, heading innovation and research and working on product and architecture. Cymmetria is the leading Cyber Deception vendor with its main product MazeRunner® used by Fortune 500 companies in multiple verticals including finance, insurance, health, government, retail, etc.

  • Kamil Grondys

    Samsung Research Polska

    Solutions Architect at Samsung Research Poland. He has been providing pre-sales support in the B2B team for more than two years, mainly Government vertical in projects related to data security. He has been involved in design of many solutions in the field of telecommunications and cryptography. Previously he was engaged in open source communities, managed a team of developers, spoken at conferences in almost 20 countries, had guest lectures at the best Polish technical universities, as well as at Stanford University and Cape Town University.

  • Agnieszka Gryszczyńska

    Regional Public Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw

    Agnieszka Gryszczyńska is a prosecutor in the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw, and specialises in prosecuting cybercrimes. Moreover she is an Assistant Professor at the Chair of Informatics Law, the Faculty of Law and Administration, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw.

    Agnieszka Gryszczyńska has a degree in three fields: law, administration and computer science. She graduated from the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw with Ph.D. degree in 2011. She has published a number of articles and books in the field of ICT Law, cybersecurity, public registers and personal data protection. Her research interests are mainly cybersecurity, cybercrimes, electronic evidence, personal data protection, access to public information, digitalization, electronic access, interoperability and security of public registers.

  • Peter Goodman

    Trail of Bits

    Peter Goodman is a senior security engineer at Trail of Bits. He is an expert at designing and implementing binary translation and instrumentation systems. In a past life, he was an academic and before that, a competitive ski racer.

  • Adam Haertle

    Zaufana Trzecia Strona

    Founder and editor-in-chief of one of the most popular security-related websites. Security specialist by passion, a keen speaker and trainer, entertaining and teaching audience in Poland and abroad. For the last several years he had been responsible for security issues in big company, today he runs a small one and focuses on describing threats in cyber world and educating users.

  • Przemek Jaroszewski

    CERT Polska - NASK

    Przemek Jaroszewski is a member of CERT Polska (part of Research and Academic Computer Network in Poland) since 2001, where his current position is the head of incident response. He started his education as a programmer at Warsaw University of Technology, to eventually get his master's degree in Social Psychology from University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw. Przemek was involved in a number of projects on data exchange and collaboration of incident response teams. He was also a co-author and teacher of trainings for incident responders, including ENISA CERT Exercises and TRANSITS.

  • Manuel Kamp

    Telekom Security

    Manuel Kamp is a cyber security engineer at Telekom Security. In the last two years he is investigating blackhole traffic and honeypot payload. Additional he is developing an Early Warning System to detect cyber incidents.

  • Przemysław Kępa

    ING Bank

    Passionate about IT Security, occasionally he also pokes around with Artificial Intelligence. Technical aspects of the IT are not a secret for him although sometimes it is just easier to ask a victim for permissions that he needs. In the 2013 he received his Master degree from the Silesian University of Technology in the IT Security field. Most of his working time he spent in an Incident Response Teams but 2 years ago he moved to the attacking side. As Senior IT Security Consultant at ING Bank in Amsterdam he is mostly responsible for preparation, execution and reporting of Red Team Exercises. Additionally he is responsible for executing penetration tests or doing internal workshops from IT Security in general. Among others he holds certifications such as CISSP, OSCP, OSCE, GCFE, GCIH. In free time when he is not sitting behind a PC he goes rock climbing, plays squash or burns calories in some different way.

  • Miroslav Knapovsky


    After graduating at VŠB in Ostrava in 1996, Miroslav joined IT industry as network specialist at 3Com. He worked on various technically oriented positions for the CEE region until 2010, when 3Com had been acquired by Hewlett Packard and incorporated into the HP Network Division. At HP, he started full-time on computer security and worked as a network security specialist at a regional level. This until 2015, when HP split into two separate businesses, Miroslav continued with Hewlett Packard Enterprise at EMEA as a security solution architect for data-centric security solutions and cryptographic systems. After twenty years in large corporations, he gave up career-building in multinational companies in favor of an interesting project at Sirwisa a.s. – LOGmanager, where he is now a managing director. Miroslav has a number of recognized IT certifications, such as CISSP, CEH, CCSK, and many product technical certifications in the area of computer networks and security.

  • Piotr Konieczny

    Security expert, for 13 years he has been helping the largest Polish and foreign companies to protect their networks and services. A graduate of Glasgow Caledonian University. He has won numerous awards for the best speeches at the largest Polish conferences devoted to IT security. Founder of, where he manages a team carrying out audits and penetration tests of ICT systems and conducts training both for system administrators and programmers as well as employees who
    use computers and Internet as a part of their professional duties.

  • Filip Konopczyński


    Researcher and analyst in the Social Research Laboratory at the NASK Institute. University of Warsaw alumni (Law and Cultural Antropology), he carried out projects for (among others) the University of Warsaw, National Bank of Poland, Institute for New Economic Thinking and the Kalecki Foundation. Author of articles published by Gazeta Wyborcza, Przekrój, Newsweek, Res Publica, Kultura Liberalna, Visegrad Insight, Krytyka Polityczna, Kontakt .

  • Adam Lange

    For over 15 years Adam has been involved in the IT security industry. Currently, as the manager of the Cyber Threat Intelligence team in one of the largest financial institutions in Poland, he is responsible for the security of customer funds and data. Privately and professionally connected with the subject of detection and analysis of malicious software. Architect, developer and administrator of security systems.

  • Michał Leszczyński

    CERT Polska - NASK

    Since April 2018 an analyst at CERT Polska, who professionally and passionately deals with breaking various Internet applications. He is constantly interested in spreading good practices in the field of software development and security. Co-author of an open source mquery project to quickly search for malware samples.

  • Aleksander Łapiński

    Check Point Software Technologies

    Alexander has many years of experience in the IT industry, as well as in implementation of advanced IT solutions for customers, coordination of migration processes to new security systems and development of infrastructure ensuring the security of confidential data. Since 2015 he has been responsible for supporting channel partners at Check Point Software Technologies. Privately, he is a lover of good cinema and series, spending his time actively on developing his technological passions. He is involved in cooperation with foundations and associations related to national security and defence.

  • Marcin Napiórkowski

    Badam mity. Czasem pomagam tworzyć nowe. Wykładam w Instytucie Kultury Polskiej UW. Interesują mnie mity konsumenckie, legendy miejskie, teorie spiskowe i pseudonaukowe. Pisuję regularnie w „Tygodniku Powszechnym”, a czasami też w innych miejscach. Dotychczas udało mi się napisać trzy książki: Mitologia współczesna, Władza wyobraźni i Powstanie umarłych (nominowana do Złotej Róży dla najlepszej książki popularnonaukowej, Nagrody im. Długosza oraz Nagrody Historycznej im. Kazimierza Moczarskiego). Pracuję nad czwartą, poświęconą mitologiom współczesnego kapitalizmu. Ciekawymi odkryciami na bieżąco dzielę się na blogu

  • Martin Ohl


    Martin is a Solution Architect for the EMEA region and joined McAfee in 2013. He is specialized in building enterprise reference architecture designs, Blueprints and integrations aligned to the key cyber security outcomes.

    During his time at McAfee he held various roles in various countries in the EMEA region. Prior to McAfee, Martin worked with global IT Solution Integrators and Solution Partners.

    McAfee Blog Author Page:
    Twitter: @mohlcyber

  • Stefano Ortolani


    Stefano Ortolani is Head of Threat Intelligence at Lastline, where he joined in 2015 as Security Researcher. Prior to that he was part of the team in Kaspersky Lab in charge of fostering operations with CERTs, governments, universities, and law enforcement agencies, as well as conducting research of the global threat landscape and leading incident response for key customer accounts. Before that he earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the VU University Amsterdam.

  • Paweł Pawliński

    CERT Polska - NASK

    Paweł Pawliński is a principal specialist at CERT Polska. His past job experience include data analysis, threat tracking and automation. He is responsible for the design and implementation of the n6 platform for sharing security-related data and designed systems for large-scale monitoring of attacks on the internet. Paweł is an author of publications and trainings, with the focus the collection, analysis and exchange of information by CSIRTs.

  • Marcin Pobudejski

    Check Point Software Technologies

    Certified Check Point security engineer. A graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology with twelve years of experience in the field of Networking & Security. Specialist in cloud computing security.

  • Aleksandra Przegalińska

    Kozminski University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    PhD in philosophy of artificial intelligence, Assistant Professor at Kozminski University and Research Fellow at MIT in Boston. Her interests include consequences of introducing AI to people’s social and professional sphere as well as wearable technologies and human/bot interaction.

  • Christy Quinn

    Accenture Security iDefense

    Christy Quinn is a Security Specialist in Cyber Threat Intelligence at Accenture Security iDefense and a member of iDefense’s Threat Hunting, OSINT and Reconnaissance (THOR) team. Christy specialises in research into targeted attacks, cyber information operations and organised cyber crime groups.

  • Inbar Raz

    Inbar has been teaching and lecturing about Internet Security and Reverse Engineering for nearly as long as he has been doing that himself. He started programming at the age of 9 on his Dragon 64. At 13 he got a PC, and promptly started Reverse Engineering at the age of 14. Through high-school he was a key figure in the Israeli BBS scene. He spent most of his career in the Internet and Data Security field, and the only reason he's not in jail right now is because he chose the right side of the law at an earlier age.

    Inbar specializes in outside-the-box approach to analyzing security and finding vulnerabilities. Using his extensive experience of over 25 years in the Internet and Data security fields, he spent 3 years at Check Point, running the Malware and Security Research, and 2 years at PerimeterX, performing fascinating research on Bots and Automated Attacks and educating both customers and the public about the subjects. Inbar has presented at a number of conferences, including Defcon, Kaspersky SAS,, CCC, Virus Bulletin, ZeroNights, ShowMeCon, several Law Enforcement events and Check Point events.

  • Will Stefan Roth

    Nozomi Networks

    A Cybersecurity professional with more than 18 years of Experience, Will has significant experience in Cybersecurity and Network Architecture. Before joining Nozomi Networks as a Director DACH & EE, Will was running a couple of Cybersecurity organizations in the EMEA Region such as Wave Systems and HEAT Software. Before that he held technical Positions as Director of Sales Engineering EMEA at Wave Systems and Tufin Software Technologies. At Check Point Software Technologies he leveraged his Cybersecurity expertise to the Fortune 100 in the DACH region to strengthen their Cybersecurity posture.

  • Urszula Rybicka


    Science communication specialist. She worked for the Polish Press Agency as a science journalist. Currently she supports research institutions in spreading knowledge and communicating high quality research results.

  • Mariusz Sawczuk


    Primarily providing technical consultancy for the design and architecture of F5 security products, applications and solutions. With the IT industry involved over 15 years. In his career he has run network projects spanning many technologies and manufacturers (F5, Cisco, Palo Alto, Check Point). Specializes in network security issues. Holder of many certificates and speaker at IT and network security conferences.

    He has been involved in the IT industry for over 15 years. He has conducted network projects covering many technologies and vendors. He specializes in network security issues. Holder of many certificates and speaker at conferences devoted to IT and network security.

  • Krzysztof Silicki

    Acting Director of NASK, NASK

    Krzysztof Silicki graduated from Warsaw University of Technology. Since 1992 he is working at the NASK Institute, Warsaw, Poland. Currently Acting Director of NASK, before Director for Cybersecurity Capability Development and Cooperation. In 2017-2018, he was holding a position of Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Digital Affairs responsible for the cybersecurity. He is also involved in the work of the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA). He is a member of ENISA Management Board (since 2004) and Executive Board (since 2013).

    In 2016 he became a Vice-Chair of the ENISA Management Board. Krzysztof Silicki is a founder of CERT Polska, first incident response team in Poland. He was representative in FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams) (1997-1999). Krzysztof Silicki has been also the originator and Program Chair of SECURE annual conference – first IT security conference in Poland. As Technical Director in NASK he was responsible for network technology and IT systems development in many areas: IP, wireless, datacenter technology, security as well as he was initiating and supervising innovative projects like ARAKIS early warning system. He is an author of many publications in Polish IT press as well as domestic and international conference materials, concerning telecommunication networks and ICT security. He was involved in creation of the strategy and work programme of ENISA for more than 10 years and has been participating in many European and Polish projects as an expert in NIS (network and information security). During his mission in ministry, Krzysztof Silicki was leading the process of preparing draft of national cybersecurity act implementong NIS directive. He shares his expertise with communities also by giving presentations and lectures during conferences, workshops and trainings in Poland and abroad.

  • Jarosław Sordyl


    IT security consultant with over 20 years of experience with specialization Computer Forensics and Information Security Management System based on ISO/IEC 2700x. Trainer cooperated with academia, universities and training centers delivers lectures concerning all aspects of information security, risk management (ISO/IEC 27005), ISMS (ISO/IEC 27001), BCM (ISO/IEC 22301), cyber threats and investigations on cybercrimes.

    Former law Enforcement Officer, until 2014 member of the Management Board of Europol, Polish representative to Heads of Europol National Unit forum, member of a working group of IT and corporate systems. Product Manager, Train the trainer of Europol IT systems. Former Head of Europol National Unit in Poland responsible for the area of fighting of cybercrimes and IP crimes. Holder of many of IT certifications: CISSO, CDFE, CPTE, ISO/IEC 27001 - Lead Auditor, CDRE, Lead PenTest Professional. A graduate of the Interpol Academy – Intellectual Property Crimes.

  • Stefan Tanase


    Stefan is an experienced security researcher based in Bucharest, Romania. Having spent the last 10 years of his career combating the world’s most sophisticated cyber threats, Stefan joined Ixia in 2017 as a Principal Security Researcher. Through innovative research projects and effective public speaking engagements, he actively contributes to keeping internet users safe. While Stefan specializes in collecting threat intelligence and monitoring the cybercrime ecosystem, he has a real passion for digital rights and internet privacy.

  • Yaron Wolfsthal

    IBM Security Center of Excellence

    Dr. Yaron Wolfsthal is the founder and head of IBM's Security Center of Excellence in Beer Sheva, where his research team is developing cutting-edge technologies and solutions for advanced cyber threats. Dr. Wolfsthal has a major role in setting IBM's security research strategy and accelerating the delivery of security innovation into IBM's product portfolio. He is a Senior Member of IEEE, an Adjunct Professor at Ben-Gurion University, has extensive experience in leading multinational research teams and is an active contributor to industrial and governmental working groups. In 2018, he was recognized by the "Best of IBM" Award, granted annually by IBM's CEO to select individuals. Dr. Wolfsthal holds BSc, MSc, and PhD degrees in Computer Science and an MBA degree, all from the Technion - Israel's Institute of Technology.

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