The number and variety of devices using the Internet today require the development of new ICT security services. At the SECURE conference, you can get to know all the innovations in this field. This year we hosted specialists presenting analyses concerning the most current challenges and indicating very practical recommendations for building a comprehensive cybersecurity system in organizations and in the state - says Krzysztof Silicki, acting director of NASK.

Among the most current issues at this year's edition of SECURE was the artificial intelligence. This topic was discussed by Aleksandra Przegalińska from Kozminski University and MIT. The development of this technology, in her opinion, is connected with many opportunities to create completely new tools to solve problems in a way previously unavailable. As an example of such technology she gave the computer Alpha Go, which defeated Lee Sedola, the Korean grandmaster in the traditional Chinese game go. It is a computer, equipped with a multilayer neural network and other systems of learning software.
Challenges that cybersecurity specialists face on a day-to-day basis are usually related to more traditional technologies. During the conference we talked a lot about the security of cloud operations, remote access accounts for various services and mobile devices. Various techniques and methods of operation, which can be used by specialists in the field of security in companies, were discussed.

During the conference, research on methods of detecting cyber attacks was presented. Piotr Bazydło, head of the Network Security Methods Team at NASK, presented the results of observations of malicious activities in a network telescope, also known as the darknet. The team is working on designing tools for automatic analysis of network traffic, including analyses for detecting infected devices (botnets) and DoS attacks.

There was also a debate devoted to the practical implementation of the new regulations. Jean Baptiste Demaison from the French ANSSI agency, President of the ENISA Governing Board, spoke about the organization of international cooperation.


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